Freecycle Folk CD

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Musicians from across Scotland have shown their support for what Eigg is doing to tackle Climate Change. A massive seventeen tracks from bands including SHOOGLENIFTY, DAIMH, FLOOK, BOX CLUB, plus our very own talented local musicians DONNA THE PIPER & THE LAIG BAY BOYS have been donated, to help raise funds to allow us to do more green projects!

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“This bargain fundraising album has 17 eclectic tracks donated by regular visiting friends like Shooglenifty, Flook and Box Club or local talent like Donna the Piper, the Laig Bay Boys and Ben’s Bedroom Band. Let it run and you’ll soak up the vibes and dance grooves that impregnate the timbers of the island’s Community Hall.” Scotland and Sunday

Track listings are:

  1.  Strathspeys and Reels ~ AMY GEDDES AND SANDY WRIGHT
  2. Mabou ~ ARCHIE & FARQUHAR
  4. The Eccentric ~ SHOOGLENIFTY
  5. The 1st Rule of Box Club ~ BOX CLUB
  6. If I Could Build aA Ladder To Your Heart ~ THE DD’s
  7. Monsters In The Sky ~ THE MANJINGA 7
  8. Cairn o’ Mohr ~ SHARON KING
  9. Half Decade ~ HANNAH READ
  10. Waiting for Rescue ~ KAELA ROWAN AND THE ROSES
  11. Supernose ~ DAIMH
  12. Things With Strings ~ SANDY BRECHIN
  13. Thograinn Thograinn ~ MACMASTER/HAY
  14. GD’s Pressed for Time ~ FLOOK
  16. Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson (Fairly Funky Mix) ~ DOLPHIN BOY
  17. Showdown in GoatTown ~ BEN’S BEDROOM BAND

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2 thoughts on “Freecycle Folk CD

  1. We’re planning a holiday on Eigg and I’ve turned into a squealing little girl!! At 56 that’s probably not too attractive but who cares?! We’re so impressed and proud of you and we’re looking forward to seeing it first hand.

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