All-Island Insulation

Here on Eigg our homes are a mixture of older, stone built properties and newer timber frame buildings.  We’re at the start of a programme of work which will see all homes and community buildings on the island improved to be much more energy efficient; thus saving those who live there and use them money and making them warmer and much nicer places to be!

Laig Farmhouse is the first property we retro-fitted with insulation on all external walls and in the loft, along with new double glazing and external doors. 

Next up is Crow’s Nest (its a house, not a bird’s billet).  It too will have wall and loft insulation, double glazing and new doors.

An Laimhrig, the Pier Centre, will see loft insulation, new double glazed window units, draught excluding and other improvements to make it a more comfortable place for users and cheaper to run.   We’ve also fitted solar panels onto the roof, providing the tearoom, toilets and showers with sun powered hot water.

3 thoughts on “All-Island Insulation

  1. Hi,

    enjoying exploring the site which I saw on your heritage trust newsletter. We get it as Juliet my wife comes to stay at the Sandevore Bothy and loves the place a lot.

    I was keen to find out more about your sheep’s wool insulation and what you actually did to turn raw fleece into useful and safe insulation.

    Juliet and I have just moved into a wonderful old 16th century farm house with a roof that needs insulating. As the roof timbers are so impressive we intend to remove the ceiling to let everyone see then but this means we have 90sqm of roof to insulate 300m deep. That’s a lot of sheep or nearly £2,000’s worth of commercially bought product. Luckily we are in sheep country so cheap fleece is not a problem really. Its just cleaning it, and vermin and fire proofing it that’s the issue…

    Any info gratefully recieived.

    Best of luck with all that’s green!


    Mark ‘Griff’ Griffin

    • Hi there, Thanks for your interest. I am unable to help you out directly regarding using sheep wool as insulation and have passed on your email to a family that have been experimenting with it and they will contact you directly. All the best in your new house and good luck insulating!

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