Saving Energy

Saving Energy can reduce CO2 and cost! 

Here on Eigg each house has had an energy audit.  We did this initially with a simple Home Energy Check  but since then we’ve developed our own version which gives us much more accurate results.  Using our energy audit, we can establish how energy efficient our homes are at the moment and what the effect would be on both energy savings and money saved by installing a range of energy saving actions such as insulation, double glazing, and other simple methods of improving the structure of our buildings. 

You can also save energy by making changes to the way you live, the kind of electrical and other appliances you have in your home, or making your home more efficient in a variety of low tech ways.  Here are some of our favourites:

Changing all your light-bulbs to low energy ones

Putting a jacket on your hot water cylinder

Closing your curtains at night (even better if they’re thick or insulated ones!)

Turn things off standby

Turn your central heating thermostat down by a degree or even two!

Make hot water from the sun with solar panels

What’s your top tip?  Tell us

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