Eigg Electric generates 50kW from our PV panels.

Photovoltaic (power from the sun)

The photovoltaic array is of 50kW capacity, and is located on the south-facing hillside above the Control Building and Telephone Exchange. The array is angled at 20 degrees to the horizontal, and the choice of location and orientation optimise the output of a static array over the whole course of the year. The output of the photovoltaic panels is dc and this is converted to ac power via inverters located in the Control Building, before entering the grid at the Control Building transformer.

3 thoughts on “Sun/PV

  1. I’ve been following your progress since the buyout with much excitement. You’re an inspiration. We have visited Eigg several times in the past from our home in Bristol.
    We also have a PV array – but only 3.78kW. Could you possibly tell me what the output of your system has been over a year? I’m getting information for a friend and guest house owner on Lewis who is interested but wants to know how much one actually produces at that latitude. Your a bit further South but a better comparison that we are!
    Which company did the installation and how much did it cost?
    Best wishes and on with the good work. Sue Pollard

    • Thankyou for your interest. The system we have is a 10kw array as part of the Eigg Electric and cost approx £40.000 to install. The installers were Wind and Sun and their website is I will send you a graph seperately showing what the output was over 2008 – 2009.

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