Our Hydro system generates the largest amount of power of 100kW.

The dam on the Isle of Eigg which contributes 100kW to the Eigg Electric island grid

Hydroelectric – in detail

The hydroelectric component of the system consists primarily of a 100kW Gilkes generator located on the burn near Laig Farm, at the north west of the island. It is a 3phase machine and its output, which is regulated on site, is passed direct to the grid via an adjacent transformer.  In addition, there are two small pre-existing generators of 5-6kW capacity each. They are located in the south east of the island and have been upgraded and brought into the system, where they provide a useful supplement to the hydroelectric generation in circumstances of low water flow at Laig.

The generator at Laig is supplied via a 300mm buried pipeline from a weir on the burn at approximately 800metres distance and with over 100metres head. The weir is accessible via a newly constructed track from the forestry area in the centre of the island, or by following the track above the course of the pipeline, from the hydroelectric building at Laig. The weir is located amid spectacular scenery, with views across Laig Bay to Rum and Skye, and its position on the burn was carefully chosen for minimum visual impact.

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