Eigg tries out electric car – will it work on an island?

The Isle of Eigg is taking part in Eco Travel Network‘s research project to develop a new robust electric vehicle suitable for use in rural areas.  What modifications would you make to the Twizy (see here) to make it the perfect car for an island or rural location?

Doors, tougher tyres, bigger luggage space, higher off the road & with a solar panel on top providing a trickle charge for the battery have been some of the suggestions so far.


4 thoughts on “Eigg tries out electric car – will it work on an island?

  1. I suppose the biggest thing is making sure EVs can handle your road conditions! The biggest limitations of EVs like the Nissan Leaf are their range (most of the new ones are around 100 miles for local road speeds) and the time to charge … but I think that would be a non-issue for a small island like Eigg. You just keep it topped off – have a few days without much wind or sun, no problem, 100 miles in the battery should keep you going for a week or more. Best of luck on making your island fully renewable!

  2. I travel to Inis Oirr in the Irish Aran Islands each year as a drystone walling instructor. They have had an electric microbus there for a few years. They have had some problems with electrical connections corroding but hopefully the can of ACF 50 I gave them will stop that.It comes in tubes of grease as well.
    George Gunn


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