Isle of Eigg Beach Clean Weekend – Photo Gallery

On 17th and 18th MarcImageh 2012, we cleared three of Eigg’s beaches of marine waste.  To see us hard at work and what we collected, have a look at our photos

Most of what we found was rope, twine, broken fishing boxes or crates and nets from fishing boats.  Next most popular was engine oil canisters, milk & other bottle tops, food/sweet wrapping and plastic bottles.

From Laig, Cowrie Shell & Kildonan beaches, we collected enough rubbish to fill a skip.

Singing Sands beach is still to be done (at 24th March 2012).  Because of its position, it gathers a lot of waste washed in by storms and the tide.  Singing Sands will be cleared later this spring/summer.  All volunteers welcome!


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