House unveiling…?

Damian Helliwell has been the first to take on the challenge of building a straw bale house here on Eigg. It is a welcome sight for a born and bred to come back to the isle and with him he has single handedly built an amazing building. There has been many a challenge for Damian along the way but one of the biggest problems was trying to get a supplier of straw close enough to Eigg, (it had to come from Aberdeen in the end) emptying the lorry in the hour between boats, storing, keeping dry and preventing the rats from nesting in it!! As a straw bale build is like no other it has to be build roof first to allow the bales to be kept dry, along with this Damian wrapped the whole outside with plastic. As we like to celebrate everything in this part of the world he decided to have an unveiling ceremony!! It has been to great excitement and anticipation as to what it was going to look like under that plastic, well… it is gorgeous! Well done Damian, this is not only a warm eco friendly home built by his own hands but he has also designed the layout integrating a music studio.


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