Eigg wins Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award

Thank you, to everyone who voted for us – on Thursday evening, the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust won the Environment category of the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards.

This is the 13th year of the Awards, so it felt somewhat fitting that 2010 marked 13 years since the community buy out of our island.  What a lot has changed in those 13 years.  Without the hard work, vision, stamina and determination of many people, on and off the island, Eigg Electric and all the other ‘green’ projects that brought us the nomination in the first place would not have been possible.

It was an amazing feeling to win the Spirit of Scotland Award.  This time there were no judges, no questions to answer, no reports to write; simply the good wishes and appreciation of people who had taken the time to recognise what we’ve achieved by registering their vote.   So thank you for voting for us.  Your belief in what we’ve done, and will continue to do, means a lot.


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