A whole load of…. Snow!?!

Well, snow snow and more snow… in November too, all very unusual for us on Eigg but oh what fun it has been! School has been closed, so a long weekend has been had sledging to our hearts content, building snowmen and wiping the tears away when through the fun we suddenly realise how cold the fingers and toes actually are!! On day two I actually had to take a day of rest as my enthusiasm for snowman building and seeing how fast we could get on the boogey board which has doubled up as a sledge for the time being was obviously to great as I could hardly move the next day with every muscle in my body aching, there is nothing like the snow to bring the inner child out in us! Other than the kids having an absolute ball (and a few parents too!) minimal cars have been on the roads with most folk walking everywhere but despite the weather the Royal Mail van has managed through the icy conditions but if you were to hand him any post on passing it really did have to be on passing as whoever the passenger might be that day would stick their arm out the window and grab the letters to avoid stopping, skidding and chance of not getting the momentum to set off again! Well I have had as much as I can take sitting at the computer for now and need to get moving, get the blood pumping again, bring more logs in and get eating the daily soup for warmth!!


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