Last days of November

I have managed to resist the hibernation… just.. as the weather has been stunning throughout the short daylight hours we get. We had extreme gales which stopped the boat sailing on a couple of occasions but when the weather calmed it was replaced with the first frost! It was only a light frost, on the first morning I tried to catch a picture of the beautiful sparkle on the grass but needless to say it just doesn’t come out the same as you see with your own eye. Every day seemed to get better and better as the next morning the mainland mountains had a fine covering of snow and with the added bonus of the winter clear and crisp light, the views have been, well, spectacular. Even Rum had a, may have been small, but did have a sprinkling of snow on its peaks which seems all a bit soon for that kind of freeziness but all the cold weather has gone in favour of our very own wood team! The orders for fire wood have been non stop since the arrival of our fancy new woodfuel processor which is unbelievable to get a load of logs delivered already chopped no less, saving a few back aches this winter!!


The system seems to be working well so far with regular monthly deliveries available from now on which is great news! Other than that exciting developments other projects have gone into winter pace, slowly filtering away with the official paperwork for the volunteers house and the new PV panels have had various set backs but both projects are coming along at their own pace. A couple of us are trying to dig out suitable attire to attend the Spirit of Scotland awards being held at Prestonfield in Edinburgh on the 2nd of December which should be a great evening where we might even rub shoulders with stars like Paolo Nutini or Biffy Clyro and the like quite inspirational the variety of talent that has been nominated for awards this year! Not much else to report for now only I will share this picture which I am so pleased I managed to catch of a shrimp! You may wonder why I have been taking pictures of shrimps… I am putting together childrens trail packs for the summer season so have been crawling around after beasties, bugs and sea creatures to try and capture their best side although the rock pools have got to be the coldest place ever to be plootering around in at this time of year but was worth it as I did catch these shots….



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