WhipCar may be for you?

Ever wanted to drive a neighbour’s car? Now you can. 
With WhipCar, the world’s first neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service, you are now able to rent the cars that are sitting idle on your street. Launched in London in April of this year, the service is growing fast and already in over 300 towns and cities across the UK. It’s just like a car club but free to join and about making better use of the cars already on your street. 
If you own a car you can now make money whenever you are not using it. WhipCar take care of everything from insurance and screening of drivers to breakdown cover and payment. There are thousands of WhipCar members across the country and many owners are making several hundred pounds every month. To find how much your car could make with the service simply enter your number plate and postcode details here for a personal rental estimation. 
Next time you need a car to use take a look at whipcar.com to find cars to rent in your area. You can book cars for hours, days or weeks and already choose from over 40 makes of car. The service is currently free to join for both Drivers and car Owners so take a look and register today.

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