Royal Visit

Yesterday the Isle of Eigg was privileged to welcome HRH The Princess Royal in perhaps the first Royal Visit since the time of the Lords of the Isles!

Her Royal Highness had a brief tour of the Island and met most of the residents in the Community Hall.  The Royal Party learned about the challenges of the past few years,  the changes brought about through sustainable energy, the Big Green Challenge & plans for the future.

Gifts were presented by Camille Dressler author of “Eigg: the Story of an Island” & the youngest pupils in the School, Breagha Millar and Clyde Wallace. Donna MacCulloch piped “The Isle of Eigg’s Welcome to the Princess Royal, a tune she composed specially for the occasion.

The Chairman of the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, John Hutchison, said; “Eigg has become a place to be watched, to be associated with, a place to visit and a place to learn from. Although that is humbling we are also very proud of our achievements.”

In her response The Princess Royal congratulated the community & said that the dynamics on the island had made it successful & an example to others.

Pride on Eigg as pioneering green work given royal seal of approval


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