Hello out there!! We are still all alive here despite there not being a recent post so apologies for the lack of news but with school holidays, holidays away, visitors, weeding, eating the strawberries and the general summer season 6wks seemed to fly by and not much work at the computer got done! 

Fruits are a plentiful this year with wild rasberries galore, hazel trees dripping with nuts, apples awaiting to be cider and the brambles yet to ripen and be put in a pie! Maybe the winter frosts spurred the fruits on or maybe it is just I am more observant after all our wild food walks I’m not sure but whichever way it has and continues to be rich pickings from the wilds this year. I reckon a bumper collection of recipes will be posted soon now we are back into the working way to catch up with all the months we have missed but it will be tried and tested recipes.

Other than the on land natural wonders we have been lucky enough to be graced with many dolphins and basking sharks swimming around in our waters so close to the shores that stepping on a boat is not always necessary. I was lucky enough to get a boat trip around Eigg last week and managed to put together the shots below. Apologies for the shaky video clip this was due to my extreme over excitement and fear at being so close to these huge beasts as it started swimming directly towards the boat! They always effortlessly turn and swim past although however tranquil and renowned harmless vegetarians, their huge fins still always puts the jaws theme tune in my head! I am yet to catch the dolphins close up.           

Other developments have been the arrival of the equipment to lay the base in preparation for the additional 20kw PV panels which will be the first improvement to Eigg Electric since going live. This addition was in the original plans of the scheme but at the time of original works money became tight and we had to drop the full array so now we are finally spending our prize money from the Ashden Awards along with some Big Green Challenge prize towards bringing the array to 30kw altogether.

August arrived as quickly as it has passed, kids are back to school already and the visitors are starting to slacken off. The weather this month was at least kind enough to give us a couple of scorchers to allow us to squeeze all our summer activities into two days! With the new school term a few bleary eyes have been spotted (especially me) still adjusting to the early morning starts. The school roll has 10pupils this year which is fantastic and quite a handful for our teachers as it is the full range from P1 to P6 so good luck to Mrs Ibrahim and Ms Hollands in keeping one step ahead of all those bright sparks. We have none in nursery this year and we have lost one pupil to Mallaig high school of which we wish her all the best and  I’m in no doubt she will enjoy her time over the water with kids of the same age. Recipes will be to follow soon, I’m off to see if I can catch a picture of the dolphins!


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