Solar Panel Pilot

I forgot to mention in my last post one of the most exciting happenings of last month… Finally the third solar water heating panel has been installed, hurray! As you may have read previously that we have been running a pilot scheme for solar water panels and chose three households using different fuels to heat their water using kerosense, coal and wood. These households each had to monitor their fuel usage prior to panel installation and then again after to be able to compare the data. The first two have been up and running now for nearly a year and working away brilliantly as they should reducing the fuel consumption. On the 14th of June we saw the completion of the wood household fitted to Hill Cottage a Trust property, occupied by Ian Leaver. He is delighted with the panels and has become a gadget geek with his OWL for the electricity and the new solar monitor showing the water temperature in the top of the tank, bottom of the tank and in the outside tubes, both monitors placed together on the wall for frequent readings!  I am very surprised that nothing has been written on his Hill Cottage blog yet! The solar panel equipment has been sourced from Eco-nomical  and Brian Gardner living most of his time on Eigg has been expertisely carrying out the installations. About 5 other households have installed panels privately and It is always great to be involved in a project from the start and see it through to the end, plus seeing the enthusiasm from the recipient within the project and if that is not enough for the equipment to actually be so useful and reduce fuel consumption especially in the summer months all making the hours worked coordinating these projects so worth while.


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