Midsummer it was

It is unbelievable that it is midsummer already and what a beautiful evening it was here. On sun down the skies were red and when moving into the late evening far from darkness was upon us as a summer dusk lasted all night with the added bonus of a beautiful shine from the moon. Another busy few weeks here on our wee isle between a well attended open day with tours led by Eigg Electric followed by our anniversary ceilidh to celebrate 13years of community ownership. The weekend went very smoothly and enjoyed by all with the population being doubled just with the first boat load! The bands were all amazing and equally played a blinder keeping us all on the dance floor for hours (who needs the gym with a workout like this!) A lovely close to the weekend was a music session in the Tearoom bringing the celebrations to a calmer level being able to catch up properly with many friends and as soon as it started that is it for another year. Other exciting news has been the creation of a herbal garden situated in the Lodge gardens by a volunteer Jamie McDonald. Once the plants are established the garden is available for anyone to use for their own medicinal or other purposes, as well as being particularily attractive to wildlife including bees, butterflies, and other insects. This useful and attractive addition to the gardens includes Lemon balms, Lavenders, Chamomiles, Rosemary’s and many more. Financial assistance was awarded from Action Earth towards the purchase of the plants. A huge thankyou goes to Jamie for taking the time to create this beautiful herb garden for us which we will treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

Other developments this month has been the obvious reliance on Eigg Electric as we saw most of the island generators being transported off the island. A couple of guys from Yorkshire approached all households to enquire if they would part with their generators. Consideration was made and households now have full reliance and dependancy on Eigg Electric as it works so efficiently and effectively, no longer requiring private back up systems to each household. On Monday the 14th of June saw the first load of generator leave Eigg quite a momentus day really marking the 13th anniversary weekend with a further indication of how Eigg has moved on so successfully.

Amongst the Monday chaos, yesterday we welcomed a swimmer from Arisaig! Morag Hughes from Mallaig is in training to swim the channel. In preparation Morag carried out her sponsered swim from Arisaig to Eigg raising money for the RNLI. She made it in just 6hours wearing only her swimming costume and goggles (brrr) accompanied for safety by a small RNLI speed boat. A good crowd of well wishers greeted Morag on her arrival along with piper Donna MaCulloch. A hot shower and a bowl of soup was kindly provided by the tearoom staff before Morag and her support team sped off back to Mallaig slightly quicker with their return journey. We wish morag all the best for her swim of the channel in a couple of weeks.     

A few interesting blog spots worth a read – The Cheery Pessimist and Gadens take of in Knoydart 


2 thoughts on “Midsummer it was

  1. To all the beautiful people who live & participate in making the Isle of Eigg GREEN, I honor & salute your efforts! Congratulations!

    My family lineage is the MacDonalds of Clan Ranald from the Isle of Eigg, and I’ve just come across the website and the many articles of the amazing efforts for sustainable living that you all have been making. I wonder if you have any internships or a program where someone like me could come to the island for a 3, 6, 12 month period of time for room & board and then I would work/help with the cultivation efforts on the island. I would love to be able to explore any possibilities.

    Please let me know if there is a particular person to speak with about this kind of venture. I would love to help with the GREEN efforts and visit this amazing place of my heritage and help it develop with sustainable energy and life.

    Very warm regards,
    Sandra MacDonald

    Lenox, Massachusetts USA

    • Thanks for your email and kind words. With regard to you enquiry into a internship/programme we have nothing set up yet but is certainly something we have discussed for the future. We are in the early stages of building a multi purpose house that is specifically for housing volunteers for the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust or Scottish Wildlife Trust and students studying renewable energy, similar projects or future courses we may hold. So options available now is volunteering for the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust or the Scottish Wildlife Trust with more details about that on the islands website on http://www.isleofeigg.net. The other option is two seperate homes on Eigg take on volunteers through an organisation called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) if you are interested in this let me know and I can forward you their details.

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