Hebridean Sheep

Hebridean sheep are a two or four horned small, hardy & slow maturing breed. They are descended from the flocks brought over to our west coast islands over 1000 years ago by Viking settlers and are sometimes referred to as “St Kilda sheep”.


The meat from the hebridean is sweeter and darker and lower in cholesterol than that of other breeds which sometimes have a tendency to leave a greasy aftertaste in the mouth.

Their unselective grazing & foraging habits are known to enhance our flora and fauna which in turn makes good habitat for wildlife. Although near to extinction the hebridean has gradually been reintroduced throughout the islands and is steadily increasing in numbers.

Here at Howlin on Eigg we now have our own small flock of hebridean ewes with 3 new arrivals this month, one of which when it was born was no bigger than our cat and is still not that much bigger although it has boundless energy. Hopefully in the future Eigg will market its own lamb then everyone can taste for themselves just how good hebridean meat is….


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