Sights and sounds of spring

As my previous post mentioned the weather was just needing to catch up, well that is exactly what happened as we have just enjoyed a glorious burst of sunshine recharching our own batteries along with the solar panels!! Everybody has a glow of colour around the cheeks and feeling slightly more refreshed after the busy easter burst of visitors. There is a little lull now which is always nice to get back in step and catch up in general along with the seed planting in the garden. A hive of activity has been duly noted in many gardens along with the burst of fitness from young and old walking, cycling and even entrants to the Brighton marathon!! The school children have excelled themselves this month as an original one day a week walking or cycling to school is arranged throughout the summer term but with the extreme enthusiasm for cycling this has gone from one day a week to nearly every day, long may it last!  

Purple Violet

This time of year is my favourite as there is no midges, the wild flowers put in their appearance and the lambs are frolicking around the fields. Primroses and violets are adding their delicate colours, the trees abundant with buds and the blackthorn in blossom. The next phase is the bluebells which I especially look forward to every year as the woodland walks can’t be beaten by the carpet of green garlic leaves and their white flowers joined by the spectacular bluebell. Bluebells are the topic of the month as a new enterprise has been established by Eddie on his croft better known for playing the spoons but has been a gardner for many years

Mother and newborn lamb

and has turned his hand to offering bluebell seeds for sale. More information on Eddie’s Eigg Croft  can be found on the Eigg Links on the right hand side, we wish Eddie every success with his new venture. The final exciting addition to the season has been the first sounds of the cuckoo!!


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