Easter on an Eigg

With the summer timetable in effect from last weekend it brought many visitors for their easter holidays and the island has gone from winter mode to summer overnight although the weather still needs to catch up! Along with the many holiday makers the weekend was kicked off on Friday with the arrival of 35 finnish folk from the Archipelago islands for a cultural exchange and learn from each others island ways. We swapped and sampled reindeer for haggis and other island delicacies, gave tours and talks on the electric scheme and other green activities then being rounded of perfectly by what we do best here with a good ceilidh. The island theme continued with the musicians as most of them were from Skye and Stornoway which played a blinder of dances and tunes into the wee small hours. Overall it seems busy with visitors filling the guest houses, b&b’s and bothy’s and even a few campers braving the strong winds.

Common Eigg Lizard

 Just like ourselves coming out of the winter hibernation the common lizard has been spotted catching the suns rays and as for the birds they have been non stop at the bird feeder with the line up in pecking order along the fence.  


In the woods the wild garlic is making an impressive appearance with a taste you can’t beat. The favourite this week has been simply blending it with butter and cooking with anything! The winner of the week has been large mushrooms with a healthy slather of garlic butter over the top and popped in the oven for 10mins is superb! Someone else gave me a jar of garlic pesto that they had made which is pretty tastylicious on pasta or pizza. All this garlic is certainly an effective way at keeping away any colds but not so great for the personal odour!!   


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