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Weatherwise March is usually a pretty bleak month with any fine sunny days being a bonus. That is why here on Eigg  some locals have their own polytunnels which makes life a little easier when it comes to growing our own fruit & veg.  

 A gardening club was started 2 years ago and has become quite popular with islanders who order & exchange their seeds and plants at arranged meetings.  

When delicious  fruit & veg is in full spate, any excess is usually sold in our local shop or T-room, so that residents and visitors to Eigg can sample our locally grown produce.  

The schoolchildren too get in on the act with their very own geo-dome  and have a vine tree growing in which it produced some lovely  green grapes last year . Hopefully over the next coming months we will be able to keep you posted as to how everything is growing and will have some good tips from our greenfingered friends here on Eigg .                                                              .                                                                                                                                                              .                                                                                                                Tip for the month from John our local postie .

 To get you’re garlic of to a great start put it into the freezer overnight before planting out.                                  .


2 thoughts on “gardening club

  1. Dear Eigg Gardening club
    I noticed your club had received some funding from community food and health small grants for an orchard.
    we are a new group started in a small village outside Edinburgh who wish to start up a childrens orchard and wondered if you would share your expertise with us. We have never applied for any grants before and wonder if you could help us with a template that could help us apply for that kind of funding for our children orchard.
    We are also in the process of constituting our group and wondered if you would let us sight your constitution and help us on our way
    Kind Regards


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