Woodfuel Feasibility Study

Well, the Eigg Woodfuel Feasibility Study is finally complete, and it looks like an enterprise of some sort may indeed be feasible! Discussions as to what the next step might be have yet to take place, but meanwhile the Forestry Team have been experimenting with a bit of winching and stacking, to try and establish what equipment might be best suited to the task and how to begin going about it all on a practical level.

David Blair and Machaela Hunter's home at Tighnabruaich

Dean, Maisie and I also took a trip in January to visit David Blair and Michaela Hunter at the Dunbeag Project, an ecological restoration woodland. This inspiring project, situated in Tighnabruaich, on the Kyles of Bute, also uses much of the timber felled for (amongst other things) the construction of beautiful buildings, one of which is their home. We were well looked after, had a fantastic time and learnt lots. Dean even helped with some deer fencing, and we attended a volunteer day for the Kilfinan Community Forest, another project they are involved in with a number of others, which will be almost adjacent to Dunbeag. There are great websites for both projects, with lots of lovely pictures!! Have a look at http://www.dunbeag.org.uk/ and www.kilfinancommunityforest.com

Berni McCoy


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