5kW Challenge

On the 25th of February, Lucy presented a short talk on Eigg Electric and the 5kw limit to the sustainable Development Commission, Association for the Conservation of Energy, Consumer Focus Scotland, Energy Saving Trust, Scottish Power, Port of Leith Housing Association, Scottish Government Climate Change and Greener Scotland Division, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, National Grid, Comrie Development Trust and British Gas / Scottish Gas Green Streets. These organisations were interested in finding out how we lived within a 5kW limit and how that concept might be replicated elsewhere in mainland Scotland. There was agreement that Eigg’s approach had many lessons for elsewhere – while recognising its particular circumstances. Possible ideas and opportunities for building on this experience include: Some participants at the meeting want to explore projects with tenants in social housing to manage demand and reduce costs. Sharing Eigg’s experience more widely with other community groups. A key element of Eigg’s success was the community’s decision making process – learning more about this would help inform developments elsewhere.


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