After getting the taste for the shellfish I started investigating what else was around our shores to eat. With the full moon last week it brings the big tides which allows us to catch the spoots (Razor Fish). They get their name spoots as they voluntarily or if you walk along the low tide line a ‘spoot’ of water will shoot out a hole clearly indicating one under the sand. At this point you can sometimes catch them by hand if you are very quick or pour some salt into the hole and this brings your spoot to the surface for collecting. It is very good fun collecting them and slightly addictive when you get going but eventually you have to stop as either you run out of salt or the tide comes in! They make good eating as the meat is quite substantial and only need 5 or 6 as part of a meal. I soaked them in some salty water for a few hours to clean them before cooking them in butter and garlic until the shell opens and then a little longer. If they are over cooked they will go a bit rubbery but if you catch them just right they melt in your mouth! I have added a short film to see the process of catching the spoots, unfortunately I didn’t catch any actual spoots of water as they are way to fast and unprodictable but I did catch more than enough for you to get the idea!


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