Peat-free compost campaign

Make peat-free compost your natural choice

 The 8th of March will see the re-launch of the peat-free compost campaign, encouraging gardeners to consider buying peat-free compost for their garden.

The campaign, delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, and supported locally by the Isle of Eigg, is growing fast and now has supporters all over Scotland from small community projects to national conservation charities, garden centres and allotment societies.

Peat-free compost is the natural choice for any green gardener as it prevents the damage and destruction of lowland bogs. Peat bogs take thousands of years to form and support fragile eco-systems which will be lost if we continue to destroy them. Many rare birds and plants can only survive in this habitat. These bogs also hold in carbon dioxide which is released if they are cut for compost. So by using peat-free compost and protecting lowland raised bogs we are not only helping our native wildlife but also protecting the environment.

Whether you are buying compost to help flowers and plants grow, for mulching or soil improvement or just for potting mix for your next Gerbera, there is a range of Peat-Free or Recycled compost available to meet all your gardening requirements.

Peat-free compost is available from most major retailers and garden centres. Recycled garden compost is also available from selected councils. For a list of retailers and councils who stock peat-free/recycled garden compost please visit:

Please remember when buying composts always read the label carefully. Some compost that is labelled ‘green’ or ‘organic’ may actually contain peat. The important phrase to look for is Peat-Free!


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