All the best for 2010!!

This is the moment we have all been waiting for and worked so hard for over the last year. Tomorrow the 13th of January at NESTA’s head office in London an awards ceremony is being held to announce the winners of the Big Green Challenge competition that has 10 finalists in the running.

Leaving the island to the big smoke!

Five islanders have made the intrepid journey to attend the ceremony with fingers and toes crossed in returning with a share of the million pound prize. Win or loose we have gained so much out of the last year that all the hard work has certainly not gone to waste and no matter what the outcome for Eigg, we will continue to build on the projects and idea’s based on what we have learnt throughout 2009. At this point we would like to wish all the finalists luck for tomorrow and thereafter as everyone has tirelessly worked to reduce their carbon footprint within their communities and hopefully everyone will continue the good work to inspire other communities to follow in all our green footsteps!!


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