MSPs support Eigg

Message from the Scottish Parliament – Eigg leads the way – say MSPs Dave Thompson and Rob Gibson. 

“The work of the Eigg community is both impressive and inspiring, setting a great example of what can be achieved through community cohesion and initiative.  I hope other communities are able to learn from their commitment to self sufficiency and continue to raise the standards of accountability on carbon emissions reductions and other green initiatives.”  Dave Thompson MSP

“I have long experience of working for communities revival. Eigg is like a ripe acorn. The island’s families have pooled their talents, they show others how to become carbon savvy, their newly won self-sufficiency in electricity is an example for many others and as the acorn fertilises new projects will ensure sustainable living in this climate change age. They will surely flourish on Eigg and from those who plant these fertile seeds themselves.”  Rob Gibson MSP


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