September’s Seasonal Recipe

Rowan TreeRowan Jelly
Autumn is a time when everything we associate with summer is coming to an end. Leaves are falling from the trees and the birds have left for warmer climates. Here on Eigg there is nothing as nice seeing a Rowan tree’s vibrant display of red berries which can be put to good use as a jelly, which is especially good for eating with venison or lamb.
Ingredients; 4lbs rowan berries , 3/4lbs sugar, water, jellypan or large pot
Method; Cover the berries with the water and boil for about ½ an hour. Strain through a jelly bag or piece of muslin after mashing them well to get all the last juices out. Into a pan add 1lb sugar to every pint of liquid and stir gently until sugar has dissolved. Boil rapidly for 10/15 minutes until point of set has been reached .You can test this by taking pan of the heat and putting some jelly on a cool saucer if the skin wrinkles when you gently push it then you have a set ,if it does not then boil fast again testing after a few minutes. Ladle jelly into warm jars, cover and seal when cold.


2 thoughts on “September’s Seasonal Recipe

  1. Did you guys ever consider getting some of the local flora into a greenhouse and reproducing them naturally without any additives, fertilisers or pesticides?

    That way there’d be more supplies for everyone and would still be eco-friendly. Just curious…

    • hi there
      yes, there’s loads of local growing on Eigg – lots inside polytunnels and the open. A lot of it is grown organically, no pesticides etc. Seaweed is a fantastic fertiliser for example and there’s lots of that here!

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