Seasonal Recipes from Eigg

Eigg BramblesSeptember is the month when brambles(blackberries) are in abundance here on Eigg, children and adults alike love picking them even though they  bring with them scratched and red stained hands from scrambling in the bushes to find the biggest and juiciest ones.

Here is a recipe for Bramble Jelly which is so good it is tempting to spoon it straight out of the jar into you’re mouth rather than spreading it onto warm scones or pancakes.

Put the brambles into a pan and just cover them with water, you can add some peeled and cored apples which will also help the setting if you so wish. Simmer  the  fruit and water together until the fruit is really soft and disintegrating into the water. Remove from the heat, and have ready a large bowl, into which you strain the contents of the pan through a jelly bag or piece of muslin or cheesecloth. When as much juice as possible has been dripped and squeezed from the cloth, measure the liquid and pour it into the rinsed out pan. For each  1 pint add 1lb granulated or preserving sugar and over a low heat dissolve the sugar completely in the fruit juice then bring to the boil and boil rapidly for ten minutes. After  10 minutes  boiling, take the pan of the heat, and pour some  of the  liquid onto a cold saucer, if after a few minutes  when you push the liquid with you’re fingertip the surface wrinkles, you have a set. If it does not wrinkle replace the pan onto the heat and boil fast for a few minutes more then test again. Using a small jug or ladle, pour the jelly into warmed jam jars, cover with waxed paper  discs and seal with cellophane and rubber bands when cold.


One thought on “Seasonal Recipes from Eigg

  1. Holy cow… I remember doing that nearly twenty years ago picking blackberries from brambles.

    It was always fun even with the scratched and bloody hands.

    Too bad they don’t have that around Kenora that I’ve seen.

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