August activities

Saira and George August was another busy month of goings on, whoever said you have a quiet life living on an island!

Firstly we would like to welcome Transition Black Isle as another Green Island all the best to them and their ventures for the future. 

Energy efficiency in the home covers many projects that we have on the go. One of them being how we heat our homes and what options are available to reduce our demand on coal. Burning wood is an option and a welcome edition to our project this month has been the Community Woodland Association. They are now carrying out a wood fuel feasibility study ascertaing if we can secure a reliable ongoing source from the island for now and the future along with laying out other options we could consider.

Insulation is the other key to energy efficiency in the home. Through the big Green Challenge the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust has been able to insulate Laig Farmhouse and Crows Nest two of the larger houses that previously had little or no insulation at all! George and Saira featured in the photograph live in Laig Farmhouse. Once the work is complete this will save 50% CO2 and £1400/yr. As their baby is due any day now they are especially thankful to the work that has been carried out and for the first time are really looking forward to winter! 

There has been many visitors to the island all very interested and encouraging towards all our activities. Many have left the island full of inspiration and ideas so hopefully over the next few months we will be welcoming many more Green Islands……


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