Solar Panel pilot on two Eigg Households

Two of our households within our solar panel pilot scheme are now fully installed and catching the rays and reducing those fuel bills! A solar panel prize draw was held back in January giving every household an opportunity to enter. The chosen households have been monitoring their fuel usage prior to installation and now post installation to compare the difference already showing reductions. We are under way with a third household which is planned to be complete by the end of September. Each household that was chosen heats their water by different fuel types i.e coal, wood and kerosene this gives us a broader data to compare.   

                        Lageorna's Solar Panel        Brian and Camille's Solar Panel being completed


6 thoughts on “Solar Panel pilot on two Eigg Households

    • Yes the types and sizes all make a difference. There is two different types of solar collectors; flat plate and evacuated tubes. Flat plate systems have an efficiency of approximately 30 per cent and are cheaper to install. Evacuated tube systems occupy a smaller area and have an efficiency of approximately 40 per cent but generally more expensive. There is many factors to take into consideration for the efficiency with the main one being situated south facing for optimum results. A very helpful website for information and technical advice is hope this has been of help to you!

  1. I was thoroughly impressed by the presentation made at the Holyrood 350 conference. You’re example is nothing short of inspirational and I’m hoping to be able to replicate some of your successes in Lauderdale. I was curious about your prize draw for the two solar panel projects, did you receive grant funding for that or was it sponsored in some way by the manufacturer? Thank you for any and all information you are able to share and I look forward to hearing back from you shortly.

    • Thankyou for your kind words, it is always great to get positive feedback! I will also pass on to our speaker Lucy Conway that you were thoroughly impressed by the presentation. With regards to your enquiry about the solar panels – We had a prize draw which was a process we took to decide which households were to get a solar panel fitted as there was limited funds available. We had a hat for each household fuel used i.e, coal wood and kerosene. This was so we could monitor and compare between the different fuel types. The project has been financed by our own funds plus household contributions. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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