Trees, trees, trees!

Four intrepid volunteers arrived on Eigg on Monday the 10th, survived a week of extreme weathers, planted 2000 trees and I never heard one complaint all week!!

Day 1 - A beautiful day, slightly chilli with showers but in-between the sun was in full shine blasting away the winter cobwebs and recharging our own battery power as well as the PV panels for Eigg Electric! We gathered round Eigg’s own tree man, Wes, who showed us all a demo of how to plant a tree….We started planting in the Larch. Before long we soon got the hang of it and had an effective system and rhythm to work to. The hardest part of day one was figuring out which way was the right way for the tree guards otherwise the trees could get smothered. We made good headway for day 1 and finished on a high plus a good top up of Vitamin D!

Day 2 –  Started with a lot of snow!! Well I say ‘a lot of snow’ it was actually only a few centimetres but for Eigg standards that is a lot! Snow was forecasted but normally it never lies on Eigg until you are having the first conservation holiday planting trees…. Again our volunteers were amazing, never complained and embraced the day and had another productive day under the circumstances but finished with very dubious looks and a question of “what weather can we expect for tomorrow!”

Day 3 – Well the snow was gone but a force 5 gale was in its place whipping through the field, but again the team ploughed through and we managed to get the majority of the Larch planted in allowing us to start planting in an area of Scots Pine. It was brilliant to be able to look at something other than a bare wee stick which is what the Larch looked like and then the Scots Pine was a welcome bushy green change!

Day 4 & the final day – The weather was calm, snow free and shower free, ALL DAY!! All the Scots pine got planted in, a trial area of Hornbeam and a wee outer line of Cherry were planted before lunch and after lunch we laid out, cleared and planted in an area of Douglas Fir. By the end of the day and week a total of 2000 trees have been replanted into our forestry. In the organising stages of this week I knew the weather was going to be the biggest obstacle but in no way did I expect  quite such extremes! I would like to thank the locals that braved it out to assist but the full appreciation has to go to Ian, Douglas, Roxanne and Serene that travelled to Eigg especially for our first conservation holiday week and gave their 200% enthusiasm, commitment and cheer throughout the whole week. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you all and working through rain and shine!! Thank you.

Sunny day 1

        Sunny day 1


Snowy day 2

Snowy day 2

Team 200%!!

Team 200%!!

A sign of a busy week...

A sign of a busy week…





Tree planting conservation holiday

We have 2 places left on the tree planting conservation working holiday…..


Eigg’s 1st Conservation Working Holiday!

ImageDo you fancy a week tree planting on the Isle of Eigg from 10th – 17th of February 2014?

You would be spending the week assisting the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust replanting trees in our forestry, mainly fast growing trees of mixed species for future firewood.

By signing up for a Conservation Holiday you will spend the week working amidst the fresh sea air, live, eat and work with like-minded people, learn about conservation management through practical work and direct observation, have an insight into island life and lastly but by far the least, contributing enormously to the islands infrastructure. Conservation Holidays are led, by a group leader resident on the island with every task fully explained and demonstrated. Work can be physically demanding, so you will need a reasonable level of fitness.

If you are interested and would like more info click here

Eigg tries out electric car – will it work on an island?

The Isle of Eigg is taking part in Eco Travel Network‘s research project to develop a new robust electric vehicle suitable for use in rural areas.  What modifications would you make to the Twizy (see here) to make it the perfect car for an island or rural location?

Doors, tougher tyres, bigger luggage space, higher off the road & with a solar panel on top providing a trickle charge for the battery have been some of the suggestions so far.

Sixteen Years & 16 Answers to Green Eigg Questions

Today, 12th June 2013, is the 16th anniversary of the community buying the Isle of Eigg.  Over those 16 years, there’s been a huge amount of positive developments, not least of which on the ‘green’ front.

To celebrate, here’s the answer to sixteen things you might not know about Eigg.

1.    On average, how much electricity does Eigg household use by comparison to a household on the mainland?

Answer – in 2008, when Eigg Electric was first switched on – Eigg’s average annual electricity use per household was 2,160 kWh, compared to a UK average of 4,198 kWh.  Demand hasn’t increased significantly over the five years the system has been operating

2.    How much less plastic do Eigg people collect in their domestic rubbish than people elsewhere in Scotland?

Answer: Eigg people, plus their visitors, produces 70% less plastic in their household waste than the Scottish average.

3.    Over the last 12 months, what % of the electricity generated by Eigg Electric was renewable?

Answer:    Over the last 12 months 83%
Year 1 95%
Year 2. 75%
Year 3. 85%
Over 4 years Eigg Electricity has been 85% renewable

4.    By what % did Eigg reduce its carbon emissions by to win the Big Green Challenge?

Answer: 47%

5.    By how much did 1000 litres of heating oil, used in some Eigg homes, increase by over the last 3 years?

Answer:    an increase of 52%

January 2010 – £444.15
Feb 2013  -  £672

6.    How many cars does WestWheels Car Club  have?

Answer: Three

7.    If you added the generating capacity of the wind turbines, hydros and PV together, what is the capacity of the system in kWs (kilowatts)?

Answer: 164kW now, 184kW once the 20kW of new PV panels are installed in the summer of 2013.

8.    What month do mackerel first appear in the seas around Eigg?

Answer: Usually May,  but they have been caught as early as April.

9.    How many people on Eigg have solar hot water systems?

Answer: 12 houses (27%) and 2 businesses.

10.    How many households on Eigg keep hens?

Answer: 14 (31%)

11.    At the current rate of consumption, how many years’ worth of firewood is currently growing in Eigg’s biggest forestry plantation?

Answer: approx. 50 years

12.    Name 3 countries people have come from to find out about Eigg Electric.

Answers can include: Colombia, Ecuador, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany, India, Nigeria, Greece, Spain, Kenya, Ghana and many more

13.    How many people on Eigg own a bike?

Answer: 38  (38%)

14.    How many households have a poly tunnels to grow food on Eigg?

Answer: fifteen.    Many people also have a veg patch.

15.    How many trees are in the community orchard?

Answer: 95

16.    How many months of the year do Sue & Neil at Eigg Organics eat from their own crop of potatoes?

Answer: Usually all 12

Volunteer Day


Easter Monday Craft & Produce Fair

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